BA006 - Pop Color Coin Purse - Pochi Purse (Ready Stock)

BA006 - Pop Color Coin Purse - Pochi Purse (Ready Stock)

Material : Silicone
Color : Barbie Pink, Pink, Red, Yellow, Green, Orange, Blue, Purple, Light Purple
            Size:  Height 9.2cm, Width 9.5cm


Details : Pochi purses, the brightly coloured silicone pouches are the new craze from Japan sweeping the world! These Pochi silicone purse comes in many colors to match your mood, outfit or accessories.
 The pouches are made from silicone so are splash proof, durable, squeezable and wipe clean. The Pochi Purse is multi functional, they can be used as a funky coin purse, a smartphone pouch, a make-up bag and much more


And it comes in 9 lovely colors!

Drop me an email at to order one today! 



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